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idtech knows how important it is to protect your business and provides its customers with solid tools for continuously improving the security of takings.

Each day, many businesses lose money due to counterfeit bills.

If your company handles cash on a daily basis, you must be sure that the bills accepted are authentic in order to reduce the possible negative impact that counterfeit cash circulation frauds can have of the financial stability of your business.

€UROTESTERPEN® is the ideal partner for the security of your business because it provides an extremely high level of protection. The effectiveness of our products lets you implement an exceptional protective barrier featuring proven high performance at a reasonable cost.


Try the Premium security level of idtech

The most innovative element of the chemical formula patented by idtech is its extremely high selectivity, which allows it to considerably broaden the testing range of suspicious bills.

Our testers feature the advanced technology that will offer you a security experience that is unique in its kind, thus translating into tools that are complete with everything.


The three-fold promise by idtech

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idtech honors three promises:

  • superior quality that ensures high performance;
  • speedwhich guarantees intuitive, simple and fast use of our products;
  • savings based on the efficiency of the pen life (each tester can test more than 6,000 bills).

What better way to favor your business if not by simultaneously guaranteeing quality, speed and cost reduction?


€UROTESTERPEN® is synonym of High Quality

We say that our testers are synonymous of quality. What does this mean? The answer is simple.

A product for testing suspicious bills is synonymous of high quality when it meets the following requirements:

  • Availability. It is available 24/7, 365 days a year;
  • Speed. It always works at top performance levels providing immediate results;
  • Efficiency. Behind our testers there is a team of experts that is constantly working to increase the quality standards of both our products;
  • Manageability. It is small in size and can be comfortably used in any work environment ensuring maximum convenience for any type of business: large distribution, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, service stations, cafés, newsstands, tobacconists, currency exchange offices, travel agencies, banks, insurance agencies, and many more;
  • Flexibility. Simple, intuitive, familiar, in an environment where the security of your takings is first on your list, flexibility is guaranteed by simple use that makes it possible for anyone of your staff to use it immediately.


Security without harming the environment

idtech rispetta l'ambiente

The chemical solution used in our universal anti-counterfeit testers has been carefully studied to meet even the strictest European standards on environmental protection.

We are proud to provide our products with an extremely valuable technology that includes among its main features the total respect for humans, animals and the environment.

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