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What do our products contain?

They contain a commitment that, with each passing day, increasingly becomes a certainty and guarantee of reliability.

It is not just a matter of offering security tools. Most of all we wish to share the gratification that comes from years of work experience in the anti-counterfeit sector and from an undertaking aimed at producing sophisticated tools made entirely in Italy, where the most rigorous and restrictive European standards are applied to the production of both the raw materials from which our testers are made and to the finished product.


Only for true security aficionados

idtech patent

The highly-innovative chemical formula contained in our testers is a bastion in the fight against counterfeit paper currency. Of excellent quality, its extremely high selectivity makes it able to provide accurate and rapid performance thanks to the exclusive range of reactants it contains.

€UROTESTERPEN® therefore able to offer extremely high counterfeit bill testing experience with a precise aim of idtech in mind: to create a new paradigm in the fight against counterfeiting in order to offer more complete, simpler, and more effective tools with top level usability.


Quality Control

idtech patent

Though it may be the last link in the production chain, the focus on Quality Control is essential: it certifies all the previous stages, from the selection and processing of the raw materials to the finished product. This is an important mission because its goal is to offer the customer a safe, effective and quality product.

Hence, to the constant attention toward quality, idtechh adds other elements to the mechanism of reliability of its products. Since the beginning, all the production processes, from the designing to the making of our testers, have been the result of extensive research, detailed studies and investments aimed at obtaining an exceptional chemical formula, to then reach the consumers at the time of purchase with the advanced technology that we hope will, now as in the past, make them say: idtech, the brand I trust!




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