The technology for detecting suspected counterfeit paper currency is based on the reaction with chemical impurities or additives found in the paper used to make fake bills, a reaction that does not occur with watermark paper used for authentic bills, a special paper used by the mints of countries that issue paper currency.

The special technology contained in the €UROTESTERPEN® reacts with the chemical impurities contained in paper and with most of those contained in ink. Different types of paper and ink are used to produce counterfeit bills which, in turn, contain a long list of impurities or additives. The different nature of the impurities contained in paper generates distinctive chemical reactions, which are revealed in the chromatic variables resulting from the test. Usually the €UROTESTERPEN® does not leave traces of color on the watermark paper used by mints to produce authentic paper currency. In some cases, following a test, a light yellowish tint may remain but will disappear after a short amount of time due to the particular absorption ability of the bills.

Alongside the constant research aimed at increasing the standards for counter-measuring illegal actions, there is the continuous evolution of technologies that have allowed counterfeiters to conceive new schemes, such as making bills water-proof by coating them with a microscopic layer of plastic polymers to prevent the chemical liquid from penetrating them. In these cases, the superior chemical solution contained in the €UROTESTERPEN® continues to provide important information: if the mark stays damp and colorless for more than 20 seconds, this indicates that the bill being tested may not be authentic. The same applies if the damp mark disappears immediately while tracing. It is also obvious that, if the counterfeiter possesses the paper used for authentic bills, the test will not turn colors as the chemical impurities for obtaining the development of the color are absent.

In general, the chemical solution contained in the idtech universal anti-counterfeit testers is not harmful. However, in some people, contact with the eyes or skin could cause irritation. Should this occur, we recommend rinsing the affected area thouroughly with cool water for a few minutes. In any case, as a precaution, the chemical solution must never be swallowed and must always be kept out of reach of children.

It must be disposed of according to the laws in force in the country of use on collecting and recycling plastics.

As no anti-counterfeit method can guarantee 100% protection from receiving fake bills, and because most people are not aware that they are carrying a fake bill, should testing with other devices be positive, the same bill can be cross-checked using the €UROTESTERPEN® to obtain complementary outcomes (electronic and chemical) and confirm/deny the result. This makes it possible to more effectively handle the possessor of a highly suspicious bill, thus avoiding any disputes or possible irrational reactions.

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There is no difference. Both feature the same technology. It is the same product that is marketed in different geographical areas with different brand names.




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